Tuesday, 22 November 2011


It is 1862 and the gaslights are flickering... Welcome to an evening of magic and illusion with the infamous brothers, Willy and Ira Davenport.

Inspired by the true story of the Davenport Brothers, this amazing play promises to be a true theatrical treat.

Join us to witness the wonder and mystery of the Davenports' dramatic demonstrations. In their presence, furniture dances, bodies levitate and the voices of the dead resonate through the theatre.

Discover the dark undercurrent to their Victorian world as the showmanship and drama of the brothers' onstage presence contrasts with their cruel and curious childhood.

Story by Candice Edmunds, Jamie Harrison and Peter Arnott

Script by Peter Arnott

Directed by Candice Edmunds and Jamie Harrison

Featuring original composition by Phamie Gow

Cast: Ryan Fletcher, Scott Fletcher, Gavin Mitchell, Anita Vettesse, Kirsty Stuart

The Infamous Brothers Davenport is a co-production with the the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.


Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 19th January - 11th February

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow 14th - 18th February

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness 22nd - 25th February

Please note that this show is recommended for ages 14+ due to strong language and adult content.

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